The Benefits of Travel Insurance

If you booked an expensive holiday at any kind of travel agency, you take a lot of risks. An insurance policy, like the ones offered by AXA Travel Insurance, may diminish those risks. You can read honest reviews of AXA Travel Insurance here. But what will such an insurance company be able to do for you? Why are you often advises to take out travel insurance? And what should a good travel insurance policy include?

Cancellation Cover

Cancellation cover is one of the things that an insurance company must include. Unless you go for a last minute holiday offer, you planned your holiday way in advance. You try to predict what your life will be like at that time and plan other commitments around your summer holiday or winter sports holiday, but you never know when something unexpected happens. You may get seriously ill a few before your plane is supposed to take off or there are family issues that prevent you from getting on your designated flight. Therefore, any travel insurance should contain cancellation cover. At the last moment, you might get only a percentage of your travel money back, but it’s more than nothing. And they also cover you if your flight is overbooked or cancelled.

Baggage Cover

Your policy should also include loss of baggage cover. That means that, if your luggage happens to be lost or stolen, the insurance company will provide you with some money to buy the essential things for your next trip. Think of extra clothes, toiletries and other items. There is, however, a limit to the total amount that can be claimed. You if you carry multiple expensive gadgets (for example, your smartphone, gadget and digital camera), they will not pay more than that limit. So check your home contents insurance for gadgets that are taken out of the house.

Medical Expenses Cover

If you get ill and need medical attention, you cannot always wait until you get back home. If you fall and break something, you will be taken to a hospital abroad. Normally, you’d have to pay for your hospital visit yourself because normal health insurance won’t cover medical care abroad. Travel insurance, therefore, should include medical expenses. They should cover hospital visits, general practitioner’s offices and medication abroad.

Additional Covers

There are some trips that require an additional cover. Single parent cover, winter sports cover and cruise cover are a few examples or trips that require more than a basic travel insurance policy. People with pre-existing medical conditions or single parents travelling with their children may also benefit from extra covers. Always investigate if you are fully covered or could do more.


Curtailment is shortening your trip because of illness of yourself or a close relative back home. A good insurance policy should include this policy in case something happens while you’re abroad. Otherwise, you cannot abandon your trip when someone dies or falls ill when you are on holiday.

Make sure that the policy that you have in mind includes all of these features and perhaps some more.